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In my role as a Governance Architect, Dual Performance Ally and through Horsepower Training, I guide leaders and organizations towards realizing their fullest potential. By fostering genuine connections, building resilience, and navigating the complexities of modern leadership, I help shape the Invictus leaders of the future, leaders who are emotionally fit, deeply connected to their vision, and capable of inspiring change with integrity. My mission is to share this gift with the world, to bridge the gap between what is and what could be. Join me on this flow and together we will open the doors to inVICtus leadership and future-proof organizations.

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Dual perfomance

As your Dual Performance ally, I stand beside you, offering a second perspective that melds intuition with strategic insight. Together, we navigate the complexities of leadership, finding the right balance between feminine and masculine energy in your leadership style. This leads to maximum influence from your position of authority.

Embrace the transformative power of Dual Performance with VIC’s Legacy Strategy. This personalized service is meticulously designed for leaders aiming to forge a lasting legacy. As your strategic ally, I, Victoria, will guide you in harmoniously integrating feminine and masculine energies to craft a distinctive strategy. This approach not only enhances your immediate leadership effectiveness but also sets a foundation for enduring impact. Through tailored strategic interventions and one-on-one coaching, I’ll assist you in defining and realizing your legacy, empowering you to lead with authenticity and visionary insight.

Leadership is a game of chess and compassion. Mastering strategy while nurturing growth.

My services

Horsepower training

Horsepower training unlocks the power of emotional resilience and intuitive decision-making in leaders, fostering a profound connection between mind and heart. It equips leaders with the skills to build trust, ensure tribe safety, and navigate high-pressure environments with confidence and balance.

Join me in an exclusive Horsepower Training Masterclass, where leadership meets the profound wisdom of horses. This unique program harnesses the extraordinary power of equine-assisted learning to enhance your emotional fitness and intuitive decision-making. Experience the magic of direct interaction with horses. Under my guidance, you will learn how to connect with these majestic animals—an ability both rare and inspiring.

Witness first-hand how horses, with their sensitive and responsive nature, can mirror human emotions and provide instant, impactful feedback. This interaction allows you to see and adjust your leadership behaviors in real time. My distinctive approach helps you harness deep emotional insights, building the resilience and adaptability essential for leading successfully in challenging environments. Enroll in this training to not only enhance your leadership skills, but also to cultivate a nurturing and effective workplace alongside someone who has a special, almost magical, rapport with horses.

Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behavior. Not the horses.

My services

Governance architect

Guiding you as a Governance architect, I unfold a three-step plan towards cultivating a future-proof organization anchored in trust, safety, and resilience. By analyzing and restructuring your governance framework, we lay the groundwork for enduring success and transform your organization’s culture into a safe haven.

As a Governance Architect utilizing the T.V.G. (Triple V Governance) Method, I offer strategic guidance that fundamentally transforms your organizational culture and leadership approach. The T.V.G. Method is grounded in three core principles: Veracity, Vigilance, and Vitality, which together create a robust framework for sustainable organizational success.


Resilience is like dancing in the rain.
Embrace life’s storms with courage and joy.


Cultivating a culture rooted in honesty and integrity is vital. This principle focuses on developing a transparent environment where trust is paramount, ensuring that every decision supports the organization’s values and goals. It promotes a leadership style that values genuine connections, fostering a community where every voice is heard and valued.


Vigilance in governance involves maintaining a proactive stance in overseeing and refining organizational processes. It includes continuous monitoring, risk assessment, and adapting strategies to new challenges and opportunities. By embracing safety, your organization can enhance its responsiveness and resilience, securing its operations against potential threats and ensuring the emotional well-being of people in the workplace.


Encouraging a vibrant and energetic workplace is essential for driving innovation and maintaining high performance. Vitality in an organization means more than just physical wellness; it encompasses the dynamic spirit and passion of its people, fueling creativity and a proactive attitude toward challenges. It’s about empowering your tribe to reach new heights and achieve outstanding results through enthusiastic engagement, robust health, and optimal collaboration.

Whether it’s redefining your strategic framework, enhancing operational efficiency or aligning leadership practices, the T.V.G. Method offers tailored solutions that prepare your organization not only to meet the demands of the present but also to excel in the future.